Share Your Story

As we celebrate Park’s 140th Anniversary, we have been excited to share many of the great stories from our rich history. Through our history book Fides Et Labor: 140 Years of Pioneering Education The Story of Park University, our 140th Anniversary microsite and our Facebook cover photo series, we have been opening our archives.

But we also want to share YOUR stories. With more than 70,000 living alumni, we know that there are great stories that we’ve not yet uncovered, and we would love to add those to our archives. We are excited about the opportunity to help you tell your story to future generations of Parkites, no matter your level of technical ability.

Screen ShotIf you have an iPhone, it’s as simple as using the camera app on your phone! Select the Video option, hit record, and prop your phone up (Sideways, please) on a desk, bookshelf, or other flat surface. Introduce yourself, tell us your story (if you stumble, don’t worry, we’ll edit out the “oops”es, just collect yourself and start again) and then hit stop. To share it, just shoot it to us via iMessage (816-352-6456) or our Hightail dropbox.

If you have an Android or other smartphone, or a laptop with a webcam, you can also share your story via video – shoot us an email at and we can help walk you through the process. You can also email us if you have other questions, or if you want to share your photos for our digital archive.