Living our Core Values – Integrity

The final entry in our series on Living Our Core Values finds us looking at what it means to act with Integrity. Thanks to Roger Dusing for taking the time throughout the year to share these thoughts with us, and we look forward to another 140 years of success.

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We act with INTEGRITY through honesty, efficiency, and reliability

I have looked forward to writing this post, not because it is the last one of the series, but because integrity is such an important foundation for all of our other core values.

In one sense, integrity is easy – always do what you say you are going to do – always act consistently with what you say. What could be easier than that? But, if it was really that easy, everyone would do this all of the time and we would not even recognize integrity as a value; it would be as common as the air we breathe. Unfortunately, integrity is not that common, so something must be getting in the way.

As we look back to the core value statement, we exhibit integrity through honesty, efficiency, and reliability. Therefore, those who have integrity work in an efficient manner, produce reliable and consistent results, and are honest about their contributions. They are honest with others – and with themselves. Sometimes this self-honesty can be the hardest of all.

Integrity gets sidetracked by deception. We might be afraid to fail, so we exaggerate our results. We might be insecure, so we adapt a defensive or aggressive posture toward others. We might not have enough work to do, so we stretch what we have so that we’ll look busy to others. We might make a mistake, so we blame it on the technology or a coworker. In all of these situations, we tried to avoid accountability and therefore acted without integrity.

Looking at our other core values, one who exhibits integrity, by definition: is accountable to others; interacts with civility and respect; seeks excellence in everything they do; celebrates global citizenship through service; and embraces inclusivity via teamwork and collaboration. If one does not have integrity, one cannot exhibit any of our other core values.

Integrity, through honesty, efficiency, and reliability is what it’s all about. With integrity, we can accomplish anything we set out to do. Without it, we will accomplish nothing. Please join me in making integrity the gold standard for Park University.

Thank you for the opportunity to share with you my perceptions and interpretations of Park University’s Core Values. It is my hope that these blog posts will encourage thoughtful discussions and help to cement these values as the foundation for our next 140 years.

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