Pirate Profile Series – Kay Boehr

The second installment of our Pirate Profile Series features Kay Boehr, associate professor of interior design and coordinator for the Interior Design program at Park University. A registered architect, she is also part of two professional organizations the International Interior Design Association (IIDA) and the Interior Design Coalition (IDC). Kay discusses the uniqueness that makes Park’s Interior Design program stand out in the Kansas City area. She discusses her passion and dedication to the program and how the creative process of co-authoring a textbook can be enjoyable yet hard work. Kay was able to mix her knowledge and Kansas City metro design into the book to create a sense of completion and wholeness that round out the book and the Interior Design program. Many people have philosophies about life and Kay is no different. Her design philosophy is quite simple, “design is design is design.” Her philosophy encompasses what it takes to become a good designer and leaves nothing short of creating professionals to take on the design world that exists all around us.