The 10 Things You Should Do In College (6-10)

Last week we shared the first five things on a great to-do list from real-life zombie scholar Sarah Lauro, Ph.D., and this week we’ve got numbers 6-10 on that list. Dr. Lauro originally shared these 10 recommendations to recent high school graduates in The Huffington Post. With her blessing, we share not only her advice, but also a road map to help you find it on our Parkville campus!

If you haven’t read the first five tips on the list, you should check them out here. (We’ll wait.)

6. Meet with your academic adviser
Undergraduate CatalogLet’s be honest – even though we try our best to be clear with our programs and degree requirements, parsing the nearly 400 pages of our undergraduate catalog can be tough. Lucky for you, there is an ally in your corner ready to help. Under the student tab in the MyPark portal, go to the Transcript (Unofficial) link; call our enrollment services office at 877-505-1059; or stop in at Norrington Hall. Your adviser will help keep you on track to successfully navigate the prerequisites and course progressions in order to graduate on time.

7. Go abroad
No matter whether you only have time to join one of Park’s Alternative Break programs or are able to spend an entire semester abroad, it’s worth it. Visit Park’s Global Education and Study Abroad office for more info!

8. Read the news
Real news, not just the random blogs you find online. As we mentioned last week, the ability to think critically is at the heart of Park University’s mission and embodied in our core values. Understanding the difference between actual journalism and pure opinion is an important skill, as is the ability to identify biases in coverage that you see. The Center for Global Peace Journalism is an excellent resource, one we’re happy to call our own.

9. Develop the art of conversation

Students, faculty and staff mingle at the weekly Coffee and Doughnuts, sponsored by Park StudentLife.

Students, faculty and staff mingle at the weekly Coffee and Doughnuts, sponsored by Park StudentLife.

Even though your generation is one of the most connected ever to electronic devices (a recent study suggests that 53% of 18-24 year olds NEVER unplug), there is something to be said for experiencing your personal interactions directly, without any filter. What better way to do that than over coffee and doughnuts? Every Wednesday, from 9-11 a.m., Pirate Grounds turns into a hub of conversation opportunities. Introduce yourself to someone new!

And Coffee and Doughnuts isn’t your only opportunity to meet someone new. Take a chance before or after your class, as you stroll across campus, or at one of the many campus events to break the ice!

10. Go to Office Hours
Even though Park prides itself on offering smaller classes and more interaction with professors, we know it can be intimidating to ask questions. ALL of our faculty offer you the opportunity to meet one-on-one, whether it’s by a posted schedule or through arranging an appointment. And although we’ve introduced it with a class connection here, office hours are also a great way to build relationships with your professors that will help you as you transition into the job market after graduation or as you continue your education.

You might even get to see a completely different side of your professor during office hours.

As you earn your degree from Park University and join the ranks of proud Pirate alumni, we hope you take full advantage of the real-life learning opportunities that we offer outside the classroom as well. Welcome to Park!