The 10 Things You Should Do In College (1-5)

As we get ready to welcome our students back for the start of the fall semester, we’d like to share a little bit of advice on how to get the most out of college. It comes by way of a to-do list from Sarah Lauro, Ph.D., in which she shared 10 recommendations to recent high school graduates. After its publication in The Huffington Post, we reached out to Dr. Lauro – who is a real-life zombie scholar, by the way – for her blessing as we share not only her advice, but also a road map to help you find it on our Parkville campus!

Without further ado, here’s the first five on her top 10 list, and we’ll be back next week with the rest!

1. Learn to use the library
1502609_416839065110926_324608368_oAlthough we stop short of delivering the books to you directly, Park makes it easy to learn how to make the most of the library. You can find help online (Ask A Librarian live chat, video tutorials and research guides) but the in-person experience is also top notch. We’ve got more than a quarter million volumes in our collections, along with the Fishburn Archives and the Campanella Art Gallery. And if you’re just looking for a place to study solo or meet with your group, we’ve got you covered.

2. Attend campus-sponsored events
The Park Student Activities Board and Park StudentLife put on hundreds of events throughout the year. From fun social events like the Foam Party to cultural sharing events like ISAS Culture Hour and the Coming to America series to our weekly Coffee and Doughnuts, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding an event to suit your fancy.


3a. Learn political views that are different than your parents
Although we have grown quite a bit since our founding in 1875, Park University’s origins as a liberal arts college continue to shape our expectations today. We hope that your education at Park will challenge you to think critically – indeed, it’s at the heart of our mission statement – and help you grow.
3b. Protest something
This isn’t just about politics, although it’s definitely related. If you have an opinion – on anything, really – don’t be afraid to share it.

4. Develop an appreciation for coffee
We definitely have this one covered. Right here on campus, Pirate Grounds serves great coffee from The Roasterie, a Kansas City-area icon whose CEO, Danny O’Neill, has been a big supporter of Park University as a member of the Board of Trustees. And just down the hill is another coffee shop you might have seen in the newsParkville Coffee. If you’re looking for unique, freshly-roasted coffee, you won’t find it fresher than here.

5. Use campus resources to improve yourself
Obviously we’ve mentioned the library, but Park also has a number of other resources to assist in your personal and professional growth. Even if you’re not using financial aid to help with tuition, the Financial Literacy Center can help you start your adult life with a healthy plan for financial success. Our Career Development Center will show you how to find the right internships and professional opportunities while in school and help you make a smooth transition at graduation. Health and wellness is also important, and our (FREE!) Pirate Fitness centers across campus as well as the Meritas Health Clinic in Copley Quad have you covered!

Come back next week as we share the last five tips on the list, and welcome to Park!


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