Student Stories – Aaron Some

With 20,000+ students spread across our 40 campus centers throughout the country, there are a lot of great stories waiting to be told. Over the next few months, we’ll be introducing a series of guest bloggers that will share their Park University stories with you. The first contributor to our series is junior Aaron Some.


My name is Aaron Cesario Some. I am currently an International Business major in my junior year at Park University. I am originally from Burkina Faso, a wonderful country located in West Africa. My father used to work for an international NGO and that made my family move from one county to another quite often. I spent childhood in Ivory Coast, and my teenage years in Togo, but I didn’t have the luck to be born earlier to have the chance to live in France like my brother and my sister did. In 2001 when I moved to Togo with my family, I attended a private British school called the British School of Lome. That was where I learned how to speak English, and I graduated high school in 2012.

2012 was also the year I first came to the U.S. My freshman year of college was at the University of Charleston in West Virginia. I enjoyed studying at the University of Charleston, but I felt that it wasn’t the place. My first semester at the University of Charleston was a disaster due to the grades I got, and that was my mistake. I took six classes and didn’t put in enough effort, so I ended the semester with a bad GPA. My second semester I worked harder to boost my GPA, and due that first semester I am still working very hard to reach my target cumulative GPA of 3.7. (That’s why students need to make sure they make the right decisions when he are in college, and they should not overload themselves with classes in order to get their degree as fast as possible.)

I came to the Kansas City area for the first time to visit friends that were students at Park during the summer of 2013. I had my summer vacations before them, so when I got here they still had classes, and I had a little taste of a regular day at Park University. People were so welcoming and friendly that I had no problem integrating. Before the end of the summer I made my decision of transferring to Park University. The whole application and admission process took about a month, and by the end of the holidays I was a Park Pirate.