Helping You Tell YOUR Story

The world is filled with stories, great and small. You may not fancy yourself the next George R. R. Martin, J. K. Rowling, Stephen King or Danielle Steel, but the Department of English and Modern Languages at Park University can help you develop your idea into a publication-ready manuscript.

The Graduate Certificate in Creative and Life Writing is a year-long online program designed to help storytellers learn the craft of writing. An undergraduate degree is required for admission, but no particular field of study is necessary. Whether you’ve got an English Literature degree or a Mechanical Engineering degree, this program will be a fit for you.

Comprised of four courses over a one-year period, the CCLW will take students through a process to learn the craft of writing. Instead of focusing on hitting a certain number of words over a short span without real concern for developing quality or a personal voice, this program will offer a supportive and constructive community for the continuous improvement of the author’s storytelling ability.

The four-course online program begins with an introductory course for all students, whether they are interested in fiction or nonfiction writing. The course sets the foundation for the genre-specific courses that follow, where students will focus on the techniques specific to their preferred genre of writing. The final course covers the final touches necessary to prepare a publication-ready work.

Applications for the first cohort of this program are being accepted until March 15. For more information, visit the program website or contact Brian Shawver, MFA, Chair of the Department of English.