An International Flavor

We hope you are all enjoying the Winter Olympics. The pinnacle of athletic competition, watched by millions of people worldwide, the games draw nearly 3,000 competitors from 88 different nations. With more than 600 international students, Park University doesn’t have quite the depth of representation, but with students representing 103 countries, we have a slightly broader footprint. Among the top ten countries (aside from the United States) by student representation at Park, only two (Saudi Arabia and Micronesia) have never competed in the Winter Olympics.

A few other notes about Park’s international flavor:
– Our Parkville campus is home to just over half (57 percent) of our international student population.
– Kenya, China, Mexico and Brazil have been most consistent among the top-ten, with Mexico ranked either second or third for the past four years. Additionally, neither Kenya nor China has been ranked lower than fourth since 2010.
– Saudi Arabia is currently the most-represented country among Park’s international student population.
– Park’s International Student Admissions and Services office hosts the “Coming To America” series, sharing the culture – and more importantly, cuisine – of the various nations from which Park’s students hail.
– Park hosts one of only three Person To Person International University Chapters in the United States. Oklahoma City University and Rutgers University are the only other schools in the country to sponsor a chapter at the institutional level.