Graduation Behind The Scenes

Park University celebrated commencement exercises for the December Class of 2013 graduates last Saturday. With more than 400 students and around 100 faculty and staff members participating, and several thousands of spectators, the event requires great planning and excellent choreography to achieve a flawless execution.

We wanted to share a few behind-the-scenes photos and give you an all-access peek into what makes it happen.


Map of graduates

Every well-planned event needs a map.

Footprints indicating the position of the president for photos.

So that every graduate will have a photograph to commemorate the achievement, the president is locked into one spot.

Close-up of a Master's candidate's manicured hands and her hood draped over her arm.

Capturing a sense of accomplishment is all in the little details.

Photo of the graduation script displayed on the screen of a smartphone.

Faculty members responsible for directing the flow of the event need to know the script front and back. But a backup copy is always handy.

Here’s a gallery of all of the behind-the-scenes shots from the day.

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